3 Wedding Planning Guide you Should Follow

Preparing a wedding is a real challenge for the bride and groom, with many plans and arrangements. If you want a perfect marriage, you should plan it in advance (of course if you don’t have a fairy godmother who can change ordinary clothes into extraordinary clothes with the help of your magic wand). Although the ceremony itself only lasts one day, each couple spends a month to a year planning this big event. The following guide will provide an overview of the planning process and stress relief before marriage.

1. Groom and bride costumes.

This point is easier for the groom. Men’s wedding suits consist of suits, white shirts, ties or bow ties and shoes. Depending on the style of the wedding, the groom can wear a tail coat, tuxedo or three-piece suit. The main rule requires that it is aligned with the bride’s wedding dress.

The most enjoyable part of the preparation – choosing a wedding dress – is also the most difficult. Traditionally, the groom cannot see the bride’s clothes before the ceremony, so he cannot be his advisor. In the diversity of wedding attire, you can find dresses with very different styles and colors. You can buy the dress in a shop or in a special wedding salon. There is also an option to rent the dress – it depends on your financial situation. The dress must be comfortable and must not prevent you from moving. Remember, you will use it throughout the day and always in the spotlight to feel like a queen! You can also choose a veil or hat that will complement your wedding gown. Don’t forget your hairstyle, jewelry, shoes, manicure and makeup – everything has to be perfect. We recommend that you style your hair, wedding nail designs and makeup at the salon. Meet your stylist one or two weeks before the ceremony and try different variations.

2. Present.

The groom and the bride traditionally have to exchange gifts. Think about them: they must be romantic and unforgettable.

3. Bridal Bouquet.

The composition should only be made from natural flowers and in harmony with the wedding dress and hair style. A professional florist will help you with this task.

4. Best men and bridesmaids.

The groom and bride often invite their close friends to be the best grooms and bridesmaids on their wedding day. You have to choose friends who are sociable and active, because the excitement before marriage requires a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Also, it will be your job to entertain the guests if you are not going to rent a wedding gift. Get to know each other before your wedding day so they can discuss scripts, share assignments, plan surprises for you, and easily solve any problems.