Best 10 Memorable Things Have to Do on Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

1st wedding anniversary is always very important – either 1st anniversary or 1st anniversary. The first warning after your big wedding is always so special. A year is filled with so many unforgettable memories, so many “firsts”.

The responsibility lies in making this year’s first anniversary special. This is also considered the most important birthday of all, because it establishes, so to speak, a reference to the following years. After all, the first warning was the only chance for a new husband to prove to him that he was truly as romantic as when they got married!

Here are some of the top 10 anniversary ideas that can help make your first anniversary an extraordinary opportunity.

1. Write a love letter to him. Put your heart and soul into it and say what last year meant to you. Praise the quality you like the most about it. Add special plans for the future that stand out for both of you. Break your relationship from the promise to fulfill all your dreams and grow old together.

2. Start a well-designed wedding memento book. Paste photos and other sentimental accessories from your wedding day. Rare photos of you two together; flowers pressed from your wedding bouquet and even wedding cake photos!

3. Review the website about your first romantic date. Plan to go back in time to the first day you offered or express your love for him. Nostalgia can be a strong aphrodisiac.

4. Follow the adventure together. If you are an outdoor type, celebrate your special day in the midst of nature. Plan a hiking, camping or fishing trip and jump without the interruption of modern technology.

5. Pamper you with a decadent and pampering spa experience – right in your room! Set the tone and mood with soft lighting, aromatic candles and romantic music in the background. Arrange various aromatic oils and let him choose his perfume, then massage him for life. But that’s not all. Prepare a bathtub and wait, with rose petals floating in the water and take it for a long, delicious shower. When finished, wrap it in a bath towel, dry it and take it to bed.

6. Start something special that day. Does he secretly want to learn exotic salsa moves? Join the class and enjoy the evening. It might even be a hobby that you pursue or something completely different from your usual line just for fun and challenges of learning new skills.

7. Drown him in the novel. All women, regardless of their age or status, only like that their men are romantic with them. You can fill the house with sentimental and romantic traditional wedding anniversary gifts. Hide them where they least expected: under the pillow, in a toothbrush cup, in the bathroom cupboard, in a sugar box or in the library. Complete with a large card and press the center of the room. Roses and silver ribbons are scattered.

8. Take him on a romantic “mini vacation”. Modern life is accompanied by a bag of stress. And stress and romance are not best friends. Plan ahead to take you “ get away from the mad crowd ” to a secluded romantic destination. Turn off the cellphone, keep the laptop at home and resist the urge to check your email.

9. Make a romantic coupon book. Each coupon must be opened for a reason, such as “when do you feel weak”, “do you feel tired?” or just brash, brash, erotic, sensual and romantic. He is free to “cash in” whenever he is in a good mood.

10. If your birthday falls on a workday and she is a working woman, don’t let something so small be the key to your work. Faithfully sending red roses in time, from the time you wake up until you return home. He will not rejoice with his “ooh” and “aah” jealous colleagues!

So, I wish you a happy first birthday!