Bioenergetics May Be the Answer

A fascinating word, entropy a scientific indisputable fact that appeared unrelated to overall health- so far. Entropy, the entire process of degeneration, decline. Aging? As soon as of birth to dying, an unrelenting introduction to the body. However in-utero it wasn’t so.

Was “positive” entropy the schematic from conception to birth with embryo developing perfectly (frequently despite parentage), cloistered inside the mother’s body within the made-to-order atmosphere of alkaline amniotic fluids?

Positive entropy and it is relationship to the healthiness of the body is little of the stretch. At birth nearly all infants are healthy (a ” 10″ with an intuited proportions of “-10″ to ” 10″ or better), using the embryonic cells dividing and maturing in perfect order, awash for the reason that ocean of amniotic fluid, specifically made to continue the spiral upward and forward from birth process into childhood and also the teen years: beautiful skin, a wonderfully functioning system, infants easily learning from scratch including language like Anti Entropy Thermo Nullifier!

Somewhere across the line, positive entropy is stopped, reverses and also the human system adopts free-fall, spiraling chaotically right into a pattern of sickness on multiple levels- dying-by-the-inch. And even though western medicine proposes to control the inevitable, it’s had little success by doing this.

America can boast about its trauma care units, but sadly the general everyday health of We the folks since statistics happen to be reported in early 1900’s, has plummeted. Of 13 countries inside a recent comparison, the U . s . States ranks typically number 12 (second in the bottom), reported by Dr. Rustum Roy, former Professor of fabric Science at Pennsylvania Condition College.

To entropy because it pertains to the healthiness of the folks in today’s world. The up to now unanswered real question is, ‘what happened’?

Being an energy intuitive that has labored carefully with lots of people who have been born “healthy”, it had been noted there would be a reason for each situation where that edge was lost and positive entropy entered a tailspin of system breakdown. We observed that nothing, neither allopathic nor natural medicine is to date able to perform greater than slow lower the best degeneration of the items was previously a apparently healthy system. Now Dr. Swanson in the research on energy medicine finds evidence that appear to refute that theory.2

Slowing body breakdown continues to be accomplished by many people using the life-style change of eating “natural” (vegetarian, raw foods, juicing). Herbs and homeopathics can replace drugs and much more exercise and a lot of determination have labored wonders. Toss in some colon cleaning and fasting in some places, some therapeutic massage and- well, you get the drift.